Current Works

Below, you’ll find a selection of the pieces–especially the novels and series–that I am currently scribbling away on. Keep an eye on this page to find updates on all my works and to follow my progress.

The Celestial Verses: A Litany of Broken Things

My NaNoWriMo 2016 project, a tween/YA epic fantasy novel across universes! Currently scribbling away at a first draft.

12100 / 50000 words. 24% done!


The Ravenscourt Tragedies: A Murder of Crows

I recently completed a rewrite of this novel, the first in a potential series. Currently, I’m querying to see if there’s any interest in the publishing world for it.

85,000 / 80,000 words. DONE!


Abigail Crowe is willing to accept that no amount of illegal magic will be able to bring her father back from the dead. She’s willing to appear proper at the funeral (or at least try). She’s even willing to put up with her little brother, William, and his questions about death. But when their mother whisks both Abigail and her brother south to stay with their estranged uncle, Dr. Edward Crowe, Abigail decides she is not willing to ignore the eeriness of ancient Ravenscourt Manor. Screams in the night, an insane gardener, and a murder blamed on her late father are only the beginning. As Abigail breaks the rules to dig deeper into the mysteries surrounding her family’s history, she finds that, where magic is involved, things are rarely as simple as they appear. Could her father actually be a murderer? What is Uncle Edward hiding in the attic? And perhaps most importantly–which family secrets are worth keeping locked up?



In the small Appalachian town of Candle Creek, the boundaries are clear, yet Elsa Roberts still manages to get tangled in them. As a scholarship student at the prestigious Candle Creek Day School, the public schoolers at her church can’t trust her. At the private school, she’s been labeled “trouble” since the day she punched Izzy Whittaker in the glasses (even though Izzy deserved it). And it doesn’t matter how much Mamá tries to convince her otherwise; Elsa already knows that the kids of Candle Creek will never accept her as one of their own.

And so, she escapes her thirteenth birthday party, crossing a bridge into the wood beyond. There, she finds Aza, a spirit trapped by an ancient curse, who gives her the acceptance she has always craved, and who tells her that she can be a hero.

But the wood beyond is full of danger as well as wonder, and when Elsa sets out to slay a dragon and break an enchantment that threatens to destroy her family, she releases monsters that she never could have imagined. Caught between the dark forces of ancient magic and the very human monsters of Candle Creek, Elsa must find the power to reshape the boundaries of her world, or risk losing her place in it forever.